Want To Win In Roulette? Here's What You Need To Know!

Is there really any effective gambling strategy to help you triumph in the game of roulette? Read this article to know more about it!

roulette-lens-2Roulette is a game based purely on luck, and there is no betting system that can prevail over the house edge. Having said that, there are certain exceptions. You would see players trying to match the patterns set by the winners, or place bets multiple times on the same number, hoping that the wheel is biased.  Whatever the tactic be, the betting systems are only as good as the game allows them to be. Thus enjoy roulette for what it is and do not be fooled by roulette myths and misconceptions. However here are a few strategies that have existed over a long period of time and some people can swear they are effective.

Martingale Strategy

This system has been doing the rounds since past decades, and is based on the concept of unit profit. According to martingale strategy, a player is required to double his wagering amount every time he loses a hand. Say for an example, if a player bets $10 on red, and loses; he has to bet $20 in the next round. If he loses again, then $40 and so on.  A win at the $40 level compensates for the $10 and $20 losses, and you are left with a unit profit of $10. The player then starts playing with the original stake.

While the strategy may sound good to the ears, you need to have sufficient bankroll to bear the losses in doubles. In case you don’t win on the third bet, the wagering amount can quickly go beyond the table limit. You never know when a streak is going to happen, and the house has an edge of more than 5% on every spin.  A wheel has no memory, and this system will not affect your odds of winning at the next spin.

Grand Martingale System

This is a bigger disaster than the conventional martingale system. Here you are required to add a unit of bet after doubling it, in case you lose a hand. So if the starting amount is $10, you need to bet $30 ($10 doubled and another $10 unit) in total for the next bet. If you continue to lose, a table limit of $500 is crossed only after 6 losses, and by that time you would have lost more than 1000 bucks.


According to this strategy, the player starts with a series of numbers or a single number, and bets the total on both the ends. In case he wins the bet, those numbers are cancelled. On the other hand, if he loses, the total is added to the series end. The outcome is a profit equivalent to the sum of original numbers, when all numbers have been cancelled.

Let us take an example. You bet $10 starting with the series 4-6 for the $10 starting point. If you win, you get $10 profit and then you can start again a new series. In case you lose, the series becomes 4-6-10, and the next bet is $14 (total of both the ends). A win at $14 will cancel out 4 and 10, leaving $6 as the next bet. A win at this level completes the $10 profit.

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